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Rental Schemes

Rental Schemes

Our Company offers 2 schemes for Landlord [both contracts are for 3 years minimum].

Guaranteed Rent Scheme:

Rent is paid monthly in advance on the first of every month, regardless of property let or vacant. The rent figure is assessed upon visit and through inspection of property.

Commission Basis Rent Scheme:

The rent figure payable is based on the rent received while the property is occupied. We charge between 10-12% commission [dependable on size & condition of property and rent achievable].

FULL MANAGEMENT by Earlsfield Properties

1. Rental valuation and advice on Letting your property.

2. Advertising and circulation of property particulars to prospective tenants and companies registered with us.

3. Arranging for prospective tenants to view your property.

4. Obtaining suitable references on prospective tenants.

5. Drawing up of the Tenancy Agreement and notices for a letting.

6. Collecting of deposit to be held against damage and dilapidation chargeable to the tenant.

7. Arranging for final readings of all utilities, and services/accounts transfer into new consumer / Tenants name.

8. Regular inspections every 3 Months.

9. Collection of rents for the duration of the tenancy, with payments either to your bank [we can arrange to set up Standing Order], or directly to yourself [cheque].

10. Arranging for any maintenance or repairs that may be necessary during the tenancy.

11. If the same tenant starts after the tenancy period expired, the Landlord will still be liable for the full commission.

12. Arranging for re-letting of property if required.

13. Arranging for Landlord post to be redirected at the initial stages of management.