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Letting is a very popular way of investment in London. Let your property work for you with a trusted partner by your side. Whether you are a first-time landlord or a seasoned professional with a huge portfolio, our unmatched expertise means you are in very safe hands.

We be with you all the way. There are many aspects in letting process such as;

We can advise you at all stages, or just step in when you want us to.

A Comprehensive Lettings Service

We provide comprehensive lettings service. we know the complexities. Every landlord and every property is different, so we’ll tailor our proposal to you. You want to be kept in the loop at every stage? We hear you. Prefer to avoid getting involved in the day-to-day management of the property? Leave it to us.

We understand that you as a landlord would want to rent your property for the best possible price, quickly and pain-free. Therefore, we have following options to help you;

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Troublesome tenants, increasing rent arrears, abuse of property and legal battles can be very painful. You would surely want to avoid empty periods and missed rent payments. You might also cannot be bothered with the day-to-day management of the property. In this case, our guaranteed rent scheme can offer you a perfect solution and can give you complete peace of mind. Our guaranteed rent scheme includes;

  • Renting your property to the most suitable tenant.
  • Guaranteed rent payment, paid in advance in your account.
  • Full property management taking care of rent collections, repairs and maintenance works.
  • Free check-in and check-out inventory taking.
  • Regular property inspections ensuring your property is well looked after.
  • Professional advice on legal matters.

You can leave it all to us while you get into other things. You can reap hassle-free guaranteed rent while we fully manage your property (Guaranteed!).

Commission Based Rent Scheme

We can also take your property on our commissioned based rent scheme, where rent will be paid according to the rent agreed/received while the property remains occupied. There will be a small commission (normally 10%-12%) charged by us on the rent.

This option can ensure higher rent payment to you however, bear in mind that, there shall be no rent payments while the property remains vacant.