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Rental Schemes

FAQs     (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I go about renting an accommodation?

You will have to make sure that you can provide the above first and then registered with us.

2. How do I register?

The best way is to contact the office via telephone and put your name on the waiting list.

3. What kind of ID documents will I be asked for?

Two ID’s (Passport / Driving licence / Student card) Bank statement, NI number Benefit award letter (for DHSS tenant only)

4. How long will my tenancy last?

We have a medium to long term lease with the owner and all our tenancies are, term 6 months (min.) and subsequently renewed for further 6 months providing there is no breach of tenancy and property is kept in a satisfactory condition.

5. Does my rent include any utility bills?

NO, you are responsible for all utility bills including council tax bills.

6. Do I still need to pay a deposit if I am on benefit?

Yes, unless the council or some other local authority can help you in this regard. We have a scheme running with some of the councils where they cover full deposit / rent in advance / agency fee (PLAT). It is advisable that you call your local council and check if you fall under that scheme.

7. I am claiming benefit for the first time. What do I need to do?

For first time claimants, it is recommended that you seek help from our experienced staff in completing the application forms and necessary documents and general advice.

8. Will the council pay my full rent?

The council will work out your eligible rent based on your circumstances. If you are working more than 16 hours a week, then your rent will be based on your income and family size. However, we get the rent pre-determined by the local authorities on most occasions (PTD)*. / LHA values.

* A pre-tenancy determination (PTD) is a free valuation of the rent by the independent Rent Officer Service.

9. What is Local Housing Allowance?

LHA is a change to Housing Benefit for people living in private rented accommodation. The changes affect how Housing Benefit is worked out and how it is paid.

10. What will happen if the council does not pay my rent on time?

Our experienced staffs will chase the council on your behalf and inform you of any change or your options.

11. Do I have to give notice if I want to move out?

We require a written notice of at least 30 days if you wish to vacate the property by signing a standard letter from Earlsfield Properties.

Our Satisfied Landlords

Landlord Area Telephone
Mr. Kiran Patel West Ewell 0208 789 5858
Mr. Andrew Michael Southfields/ Tooting 0208 546 0037
Mr. Nisar Butt Southfields / Morden

0207 935 1186

Mr. Bharat Patel Earlsfield

0208 265 8641

Mr. Safi Mahmood East Hill / Wandsworth 0208 875 9295
Mr. H. Murray Southfields 0208 870 5782
Mr. Girish G. Patel Tooting 0208 653 3510
Mr. Permoud Patel Croydon / Lower Morden 0208 715 8512
Mr. M. Javed Clapham 07990 578122
Mr. K. Patel Bromley 020 84608400
Mr. M. Patel Cheam Village

0208 902 7633

Mr. T. Jones Wandsworth 0208 874 9549
Mr. Paulo Malveiro Wandsworth 0208 788 6570
Mr. M. Belton Morden 0208 871 1000
Mr. Kamlesh Patel Clapham 0208 874 8391
Mr. S. Ulagenthiran Tooting/ Mitcham 0208 640 7012